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The Magnetic Island Wedding Ceremony Help Line Celebrants

If you are looking for a celebrant to make your Magnetic Island Wedding ceremony everything you want it to be, or, if you wish to be married in Townsville, in Cairns or The Whitsundays contact a celebrant from The Wedding Team first.

If you don't 'click' with your celebrant let us know what style of celebrant you are looking for and we'll happily refer you to some bride & groom recommended celebrants.

Secret Brides' Business 60's Style - Sex Education

Thank goodness times have changed! The above pic is said to be of an extract from a "Sex Education Text Book for Girls" from the 60's. Have a read. But, be careful, it might fall into the hands of the 'Groom to be'.

Often Overlooked Considerations for Island & Beach Wedding Locations

Magnetic Island and surrounding areas are in the dry tropics so her beautiful venues have unique considerations

Periodically sun and insects may cause slight discomfort. If you think that the sun and insects could be a problem; use sunscreen (many make-up bases contain sunscreen) and, if necessary arrange shelter for both your guests and yourselves, eg umbrellas, particularly for the young, aged or infirm; have some suitable repellent available for yourself and your guests, just in case (Liquid repellent such as Rid seem to work better than sprays or roll-ons). However, Insects are NOT usually a problem.

If your ceremony or part of it is taking place at one of the 23 beaches and bays of Magnetic Island, or some other outdoor location, it may be a beautiful place but please, consider the following well before the wedding day:

Magnetic Island Wedding Ceremony Locations & Venues

The venue or location for your island ceremony is limited only by your imagination.  Magnetic Island offers a vast array of unique places on land such as; beaches, attractions, parks, gardens, reception- venues with natural settings, clubs, hotels, and marine venues.  Boats of varying types and capacity are available if you wish.  

A letter of permission or a permit may be required for some venues. Your celebrant will advise you as to which authority has jusidiction if any.

In response to recent comments from some Brides:  
The Townsville City Council does not have jurisdiction over Arthur Bay, Florence Bay & several other locations on Maggies beaches & bays. Check your location requirements with your celebrant before you book with the council.

For all Townsville City Council Controlled parklands, foreshores and some beaches Phone: 07 4727 9000 to discuss availability for your event or ceremony, or

Prince William & Kate Honeymoon on Magnetic Island!

William & Kate go Topless on Magnetic Island
Did Prince William & Kate Honeymoon on Magnetic Island after their wedding? Not really. But you can, and you don't have to have a Magnetic Island Wedding to chill out after the stress of your own 'Royal Wedding'.

Magnetic Island, just 8 km from Townsville, not only has everything you need for your wedding celebration but offers a unique opportunity for you & your prince to escape, relax and have quality time together.

Honeymoon on Magnetic Island. William & Kate couldn't but you can. Check out 'Magnetic Island'