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What about Magnetic Island Weather for my Wedding Ceremony?

Photo courtesy Magnetic Island Photography MaryAnne Law

Magnetic Island Weather won't disappoint you, or your wedding guests, with around 320 days with sunshine a year.  So let's do some comparisons of the *average of Days with Rain and Fine Days a year for some Wedding Destinations around Oz. We'll start with Cairns and head south...

Magnetic Island Wedding Ceremony Location Permits & Fees. The Facts!

Some of  Magnetic Island's land based wedding ceremony locations & venues may require a permit from the Townsville City Council Parks & Gardens Department. 
  • The maximum you will pay is $100.00 for one (1) hour. See page 5 Fees & Charges 2016 - 2017 Ceremonies
  • there is NO variation in fees for different ceremony locations on Magnetic Island.

 Rocky Bay in the State Park

 If your wedding ceremony is planned for a Magnetic Island location under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM), previously the EPA, then you will NOT have to pay a fee.