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enjoy celebrating marriages and most of all we know Magnetic Island. We would love to hear from you.

I Want to Marry You! On Magnetic Island! Tropical North Queensland.

I Want to Marry You! On Magnetic Island! 
Tropical North Queensland.

 Have the Island wedding of your dreams!
        A secluded Beach wedding if you wish! 

 23 Beaches & Bays to choose from!

320+ days of sunshine every year!

It's Saturday every day of the week!

Located just 8 klms from Townsville!

Magnetic Island
Tropical North Queensland.

I want to marry you, in paradise! Magnetic Island. Your island wedding with celebrant David Crusty Herron.

I want to marry you, in paradise! Magnetic Island. Your island wedding will be as unique as you with celebrant David Crusty Herron. So let’s make Your island wedding dreams come true.

Shall we begin?


What's New for your Magnetic Island Wedding? Arcadia Village Hotel. A cure for wedding budget blues!

What's new on Magnetic Island for Your Wedding?

The Arcadia Village Hotel Motel.

Reception venue, accommodation, Everything you need.

Just across the road from Geoffrey and Alma Bays.

Why get married in Townsville? 

Have a Magnetic Island Wedding instead.

Contact the friendly staff at Arcadia Village Hotel,
they will show you how you can have...
a Magnetic Island Wedding for the same cost or less than a Townsville Wedding!

You will be amazed at just how inexpensive your wedding can be!

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More Arcadia Village accomodation & Wedding Images coming soon

Highly recommended by so many couples for quality, service and price.

Double Weddings by Magnetic Island Weddings Celebrant Crusty Herron.

Have a Double Wedding on Magnetic Island. Two Couples, One Wedding. '2 for 1' Island Weddings! By Celebrant David Crusty Herron.

Double Wedding Magnetic Island Crusty Herron 2 couples 1 wedding elope
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Magnetic Island
Townsville's Wedding Island

Magnetic Island & Townsville Weddings and Family Celebrant Crusty Herron

Whatever the occasion, your Magnetic Island and Townsville Weddings and Family Celebrant David Crusty Herron will create a ceremony just for you. On Magnetic Island, the perfect venue.

Townsville Celebrant, Magnetic island Celebrant
Crusty, or David if you prefer, is not just a Wedding or Marriage Celebrant. Here is a list of just a few of the Life Cycle Events & Occaisions he can help you plan & celebrate on Magnetic Island or Townsville.

See 'FireflyZ' Fire & Spin at your Magnetic Island Wedding, Function or Event

See 'FireflyZ' Fire and Spin at your Magnetic Island Wedding, function or event. 

View the video displaying the work of just some of the talented and professional artists who have performed with the 'FireFlyz' fire and spin performers. Included are various clips from performances on Magnetic Island and surrounding areas at various events.

FireflyZ are available for private functions and public events.

Contact Dominique Abraham to have FireflyZ perform at your wedding reception.

Magnetic Island Wedding Specials! Elope and save! Wed on a Week Day!

 'Have a Magnetic Island Weekday Wedding' without stress and expense.  Elope and save!
You will save $100 of the celebrants fee and more.
Elopements - our speciality!

The old way to elope

To elope simply means to run away, to be wedded. In a sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving hurried flight away from one's place of residence together with one's beloved with the intention of getting married. So, run away to Magnetic Island where an "elopement" is any marriage that takes place in haste or without telling anyone.

And here's another wonderful way to make your elopement more memorable. You will need wtnesses, which we can help you with, but why have strangers as your witnesses?

Consider sharing your wedding ceremony, reception and celebrating with another couple you care for with you and your fiancé - Have a Double Wedding - Two couples - one wedding!

Magnetic Island, with Townsville celebrant Crusty Herron

Click here to find out more about a double elopement wedding!

Magnetic Island Weekday Weather is just perfect!

So get started on your Weekday Wedding now. it's this easy...

The first step? Propose. Next decide on a date.

Then click here  Contact us!  and we'll get you started.

...of course these days you will need to give the celebrant a month and 1 days notice, so do it soon.

How to Plan and Create Your Magnetic Island Wedding Ceremony

The only Gazebo on Magnetic Island
Amaroo on Mandalay

Planning Your Magnetic Island Wedding Ceremony

Magnetic Island is a special paradise for your special day.  The success of your Island Wedding Ceremony, be it formal or casual, is simply a matter of planning and, planning simply. With a good celebrant it's easier than you think. We hope this Guide will be of assistance.So...

Water Garden Oasis, The Picnic Bay Hotel Function Room. Magnetic Island - Some more images

More images of the Picnic Bay Hotel Water Garden Oasis Function Room. Magnetic Island's newest most affordable all in one Wedding Service and Reception Venue.

Contact Theresa, The Picnic Bay Hotel Function Manager now to find out more

Call 07 4778 5103

Also catering for Meetings and Conferences

I want to Marry You! ...a beach wedding, on Magnetic Island, Queensland

Business Card Magnetic Island & Townsville Celebrant
Why go to Bali? Have a Magnetic Island Beach Wedding!

For your Magnetic Island Beach Wedding we offer,
23 beaches and bays, on an island in the Great Barrier Reef,
320 days of sunshine every year,
...with everything you need for your dream wedding,
...and it's safe to visit all year round! 
Why take a chance with a Bali Wedding in these uncertain times?

Before you consider a Bali wedding...

Go to the Australian Governments

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 Need a celebrant?
Before you decide see 'How to choose a marriage celebrant' and
 'Magnetic Island Wedding and Family Celebrants'