We are not wedding planners. We are just experienced professional celebrants who really
enjoy celebrating marriages and most of all we know Magnetic Island. We would love to hear from you.

Beach Weddings? Island Weddings? Have a Magnetic Island Wedding

So, you want an island wedding or a beach wedding.
Why not have a Magnetic Island Wedding?
Just 8km from Townsville in Tropical North Queensland

Greetings from paradise, congratulations on your forthcoming wedding and for choosing to marry on North Queensland's tropical Magnetic Island - Australia’s most affordable, unique and accessible island venue for your special day.  I’m David Crusty Herron, call me David if you prefer, and I would be delighted to show you how easy it is to plan and create the island wedding ceremony of your dreams. Obligation free of course.

And every couple’s dreams are different. As an island resident celebrant with the experience of over 1500 beautiful ceremonies I realise that it is your wedding and that you are the reason and focus of the day. So your ceremony should be about you, your dreams, and your future together as a family written and choreographed just for you.
Naturally your marriage ceremony should reflect your feelings, beliefs and personality. Not those of your celebrant, organiser or co-ordinator. And there are some wonderfully creative organisers on Maggie to assist with your planning.

You may choose the theme, style and mood of your ceremony. It may be a simple ceremony or a more formal one. You can include any poetry, readings, music, cultural symbols and any other items you consider will enhance the day. Family and friends may participate if you wish. We'll help you make it happen. You can have a minimum of two guests (as the required witnesses) or two hundred. It’s your decision.

As for your island ceremony location? Visit the Magnetic island Wedding Ceremony Locations Map. You'll see that  Magnetic Island is not a 'one resort Island' - it is Australia's most accessible and affordable island wedding destination located just 8klms from Townsville. And besides, Magnetic Island offers what no other in Australia does - absolute freedom of choice.

Your choice of accomodation and reception venues to fit your budget,and of course your choice of 23 beaches and bays for your ceremony location with the bonus of 320 days with sunshine every year. So why travel overseas? Want to know more about our weather? Click here.

In fact you even have a choice of celebrants. Magnetic wedding Celebrants are as unique as you, and your celebrant must suit you.Whoever you choose as your celebrant it’s their role to make it happen just the way you want it to, easily and stress free. To help you choose a celebrant check out; How to Choose a Marriage Celebrant for your Magnetic Island Wedding

So if a celebrant doesn't 'click' let them know and they should gladly refer you to a choice of experienced celebrants who offer high standards of service and cermonies to remember. After all, it is your Magnetic Island Wedding.

So talk to an experienced island celebrant and if you feel relaxed and confident that they will carry out your wishes and give you the best advice then the wedding ceremony of your dreams will become a reality.

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