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What about Magnetic Island Weather for my Wedding Ceremony?

Photo courtesy Magnetic Island Photography MaryAnne Law

Magnetic Island Weather won't disappoint you, or your wedding guests, with around 320 days with sunshine a year.  So let's do some comparisons of the *average of Days with Rain and Fine Days a year for some Wedding Destinations around Oz. We'll start with Cairns and head south...

Cairns, in the Wet Tropics -
154 rainy days and 211 fine days

Townsville in the Dry Tropics -
 62 rainy days and 304 fine days

Magnetic Island in the Dry Tropics, just 8klms east from Townsville, has to suffer an average 320 days with sunshine

Whitsundays/Airlie Beach/Daydream in the Wet Tropics
111 rainy days and 254 fine days

Sunshine Coast/Noosa, in the Temperate Zone 
111 rainy days and 254 fine days

Brisbane, in the Temperate Zone - 
114 rainy days and 250 fine Days

Gold Coast, in the Temperate Zone -
135.7 rainy days and 220 fine days

Byron Bay -
125 rainy days and 240 fine days

Sydney -
95 rainy days and 270 fine Days

Melbourne -
146 rainy days and 219 fine days

Burnie -
108 rainy days and 276 fine days

Hobart -
82 rainy days and 283 fine days

Adelaide -
76 rainy days and 289 fine days

Perth -
83 rainy days and 282 fine days

So where are you having your Tropical Island Wedding Ceremony?  Magnetic Island is not Noosa or the Gold Coast, but she does have; 23 beaches & bays, coral reefs just metres off shore, everything you need for your wedding day in the Dry Tropics - and the best wedding weather on the coast of Oz every year.

 Today's Weather (and see 'Note' below)
*Original data for this comparative interpretation was sourced from BOM & Weather Zone. The Number of Rainy Days & Fine Days at each location was for the period Jan 1981 – May 2010. Note: Weather conditions on Magnetic Island vary from that in Australia, The BIG Island off the coast of Magnetic Island. Oh-alright-then, varies from that of Townsville, the Capital of North Queensland. BOM Weather.

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