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Magnetic Island & Townsville Weddings and Family Celebrant Crusty Herron

Whatever the occasion, your Magnetic Island and Townsville Weddings and Family Celebrant David Crusty Herron will create a ceremony just for you. On Magnetic Island, the perfect venue.

Townsville Celebrant, Magnetic island Celebrant
Crusty, or David if you prefer, is not just a Wedding or Marriage Celebrant. Here is a list of just a few of the Life Cycle Events & Occaisions he can help you plan & celebrate on Magnetic Island or Townsville.

  • Commitments - for those who don't wish to have a traditional marriage ceremony.
  • Renewal of Vows - A wonderful way to celebrate and add new meaning to your relationship.
  • Baby Namings
  • Baby Dedications.
  • Same Sex - Gay & Lesbian Marriages, from early 2018. Over 25 Years experience of Gay & Lesbian Commitments & Civil Unions.
  • Boat Namings - and, yes..
  • Boat Renamings. There is one ancient ceremony that is not considered unlucky.
  • House or Place Blessings.
  • Memorials & Funerals.
  • Pet Funerals
...and more.

No one else will ever have a ceremony just like yours. Every ceremony and ritual is created, written & choreographed just for you - according to your beliefs, needs and wants.

And naturally, Magnetic Island is the perfect venue for your celebration, no matter what you are celebrating - with everything you need for you and your guests at a price to suit your budget.

And remember - whoever you choose as your celebrant it’s their role to make it happen just the way you want it to, easily and stress free. To help you choose an experienced celebrant check out; How to Choose a Marriage Celebrant for your Magnetic Island Wedding or event.

We'll have images of other ceremonies & rituals soon

Gay & Lesbian Marriage
Gay & Lesbian Marriages from early 2018
 Over 25 years experience of Gay & Lesbian commitments & Civil Unions 

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  1. John & Clair. Melbourne02 September, 2011 09:53

    Our Magnetic Island Wedding with our amazing Celebrant Crusty Herron.

    We were married on Magnetic Island by Crusty, he also did a most meaningful Dedication Ceremony for our little girl. We all had an amazing time. We cried happy tears. We will remember it always. *What impressed us, and our family was his personal approach. Right from the start he made it clear that it was our wedding, that we were unique and that our ceremony should also be unique. *He didn't just offer us a set of sample ceremonies and ask us to pick one like the other celebrants do. We could have had that at a registry office. After a couple of interviews he wrote us a beautiful very personal ceremony. We agree with what Carl & Louise said in their WOMF post, It was just amazing how well he had us pinned after speaking with us a few times. My parents are Italian and my lovely wife is Irish and Crusty included some of the traditional rituals from both our backgrounds. He really knows his stuff. My mum is Catholic and really wanted us to be married in a church but after the ceremony Crusty wrote with us she had changed her mind. She said Crusty had made the ceremony just as sacred by what was said. Crusty made the point that God does not live in a temple made with human hands but in our hearts and in all His creation. We even had a Celtic handfasting as a part of the Irish Traditions. Crusty may be a little different, even eccentric,but that's what makes him different from the other celebrants we spoke with before we decided to go with him. We had no problems at all. He made it all so easy. If you want a wedding ceremony that really reflects who you are and your beliefs then David Crusty Herron is for you and Magnetic Island is the place. Thank you Crusty. John & Clair. Melbourne