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How overseas couples can get married on Magnetic Island, Australia

Anyone in the world can be married on Tropical North Queensland's Magnetic Island. It does not matter if you are from a country other than Australia.

Ok, let us assume you are from an overseas country and you have decided to be married in Australia.

1.    Choose the location for your wedding. Magnetic Island would be an excellent choice. Click here for more informatiuon about Magnetic Island or Google 'Magnetic Island' both web & images.

2.    Find an authorised marriage celebrant who is just right for you. Do a Google Search for; ‘Magnetic Island Celebrants’ or ‘Celebrants Magnetic Island’. Contact the celebrants to find out which one is right for you and who is available for your chosen date & time, next...

Beach Weddings? Island Weddings? Have a Magnetic Island Wedding

So, you want an island wedding or a beach wedding.
Why not have a Magnetic Island Wedding?
Just 8km from Townsville in Tropical North Queensland

Greetings from paradise, congratulations on your forthcoming wedding and for choosing to marry on North Queensland's tropical Magnetic Island - Australia’s most affordable, unique and accessible island venue for your special day.  I’m David Crusty Herron, call me David if you prefer, and I would be delighted to show you how easy it is to plan and create the island wedding ceremony of your dreams. Obligation free of course.

And every couple’s dreams are different. As an island resident celebrant with the experience of over 1500 beautiful ceremonies I realise that it is your wedding and that you are the reason and focus of the day. So your ceremony should be about you, your dreams, and your future together as a family written and choreographed just for you.