We are not wedding planners. We are just experienced professional celebrants who really
enjoy celebrating marriages and most of all we know Magnetic Island. We would love to hear from you.

Welcome to the Wedding Team Blog

Welcome to The Wedding Team Blog.

And congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. Your marriage ceremony marks the beginning of the next stage in your lives together. It is a public celebration of your commitment to each other and your decision to to take up the joys and responsibilities of sharing your life with another person.

You are both wonderfully unique individuals and your wedding ceremony should be just as unique as you are. After all, it is your wedding, you are the reason for, and the focus of the day.

Now getting married is not something we do every day, and it may seem to be quite scary, but we believe it is what we don't know that causes the problems. So whatever is bothering you, if you just want to bounce around a few great ideas,whatever you want to know about making your ceremony just what you want and to help make your day most memorable The Wedding Team is here to help you to do it your way.

While Magnetic island is the focus of the blog at this time most of the team are based in Townsville experienced in weddings all round the Townsville Region.

Congratulations again.

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