We are not wedding planners. We are just experienced professional celebrants who really
enjoy celebrating marriages and most of all we know Magnetic Island. We would love to hear from you.

Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week 3 - 7 September 2010

Next year why not stay a week longer & get married while you are here, on your yacht, or on one of our 23 beaches & bays. 


Bringing together the excitement of competitive sailing and the ambiance of Magnetic Island each September, Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week offers an experience to remember.  With top notch racing, a spectator boat for the patrons, live bands and partying galore, the program of events is sure to leave you wanting more year after year.  You don’t need to be a competitive sailor to participate in this great event, there is something available for everyone whether it be jumping onboard the Sunferries Spectator Boat and following heels of the fleet or partying after dark with the crews at one of the social functions.

Book tickets on the Sunferries Spectator Boat to catch all the regatta thrills with Sunferries Travel. 

Propose this year... get married next year! After the race of course.

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